Brick House Village

Historic Marker Dedication


The ceremony was held on Sunday, Sept. 23rd at 2pm at the site of the marker on County Route 521.


This plaque was applied for through M.A.R.C.H. and Montague township and approved by the Sussex County's Historic Marker Committee.


The nomination was accepted and the marker created through a cooperative effort of the Sussex County Historic Marker Committee, Glen Vetrano and the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders, and the Sussex County Division of Facilities Management.  

Members of the current Sussex County Historic Marker Committee are:

             Patricia (Haggerty) Frato, Chairman  Sandyston Township

             Nellie Stires-Howell, Branchville Borough

             Cheryl Delea, Asst. Director of Sussex Co. Division of Facilities Management

             June Dobson,  Byram Township

             Alex Everitt, Jr.  LaFayette Township

             Wayne McCabe, Sussex County Historian



This historic feature was chosen out of other possible choices for Montague Township as Brick House Village was Montague's original "town center".  When the current Milford Bridge project was initiated, the famed hotel that lent its name to the area was demolished following condemnation proceedings as the DRJTBC planned the realignment of 

SR-31 [NJ 206] to the new bridge to run right alongside its location.


Wording on the sign reads:


Brick House Village


This central hamlet for Montague, a township created in 1759, was named for the Brick House Hotel - a colonial tavern, hostelry and stage coach stop built in the 1700's. It sat at the convergence of two turnpikes with Old Mine Road and near the Delaware River ferry crossings, later replaced by the Milford Bridge. By 1880, this village boasted a store, two churches, burial grounds, two blacksmiths, a wheelwright and a new school. The hotel was demolished in 1953 for a new bridge approach. The remaining buildings were displaced by the Tocks Island Dam Project.