Montague Association for the  Restoration of Community History
The historical society for Montague Township, Sussex County, NJ since 1979
Montague, NJ
founded 1759


Foster- Armstrong House, 320 River Road, Montague, N.J.

Listed on the National Register, the Foster-Armstrong house displays items of historical interest from the 1700’s up to the early 1900’s. The original structure was built by Julius Foster c. 1790, and the addition is credited to his son-in-law, James B. Armstrong, c. 1820. In it,  see the beehive oven and hear about how it was used. There is a fireplace in every room, a Victorian room complete with tea setting and fashions of the period. Also on exhibit in the military room are uniforms, and newspaper and hand-written accounts from those who fought in the Civil War and the World Wars. A rope bed, hand-loomed linens, weaving looms, and quilts of historical significance are also on display. Don’t miss the special exhibit of scale model covered bridges.

This site is where the society’s volunteers come on alternate Wed. mornings. The regular monthly meetings of M.A.R.C.H. are held here (unless an off site visit is planned) on the last Thurs. of each month.  Both locations house exhibits and a small shop, where books and local crafts are sold.