Exploring Millville...

Millville is thus named as it was a neighborhood where grist and saw mills abounded along Shimer’s {aka Chamber’s} Mill Brook from the mid-1700’s though the early 1900’s. Only the ruins of those mill sites and some evidence of the dam ponds and mill races remain. Existing homes on both sides of the stream are structures which evolved from the period of the Revolutionary War. A privately-owned, white picket-fenced home was that of Capt. Abraham Shimer and the site where an Indian attack was repelled. It had been remodeled by the late 1800’s and expanded while a mill owner lived there and then became known as “Shady Glen”.

Across the deep brook, a local trout stream, sits another house that was built in 1872 on the foundation of a prior home where the Jobs family was massacred during a raid. The Old Mine Road marker at the junction of Millville Rd. tells of Block House Hill, where a fort was built to help guard the mills. Alongside the marker is a privately-owned and remodeled carriage house. 

The Jacob Shimer House** once existed closer to the river, along with a school, store and blacksmith’s shop that were located in this vicinity  - along with other homes which were demolished for the Tock’s Island project.  Just north on 521 is a Grange Building, still used by Montague Grange No. 140 P. of H., which has been active there since 1904. Along the river bank, there had once been ferry crossings to PA. 


** HABS/HAER  Jacob Shimer House, Old Mine Road, Millville vicinity, Sussex County, NJ